A great love was born when modern technology met tradition. When the numbers and codes mingled with the heady scents and smells of nature. Then they woke up creating emotions and the need, this love take shape.

You are thus in front of the result of our love, we wanted to share with those who love sweet smells of spices of the East, the flavors of the fruits of Greek land, and the fine and refined aromas that emerge from essential oils. Navigate through the magical world of spices and herbs, and why not, go to the dreamy atmosphere of the East, or breathe in the refreshing air of Greek countryside as if you are there.

The but Ma…meli is a sweet love. Hence the name Ma…meli. And this love we want to grow some more … To get in your own hearts and become a big company who will share knowledge, thoughts, questions emotions. But Ma…meli means honey, colors and aromas, means the traditional and the modern, reality and imagination.

All in one place … With a click …

Ma…meli is not intended in any way to copy respective sources, nor replace formal treatments. Our effort is to gather in one place as many information as we can on spices and herbs.

Your help is valuable, which is why if you can suggest some spice or herb please send us an email here and we will add it as soon as possible.


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